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On this page you will find a series of short stories about Jack and D and their life together. Most of these stories will take place after the events of "Zero at the Bone," but I'm not ruling out writing something that takes place during the events of the book, and fills in some missing scenes. I hope you enjoy these little bit-sized stories. Some will be funny, some will be tender, some will be angsty. All of them are meant to build up to the sequel I'm writing!

I hope to add at least one story per month to this page. Be sure to subscribe to the Jane Seville Books Google Group to receive a notice when a new story is added.

1. Time After Time -- D is home a few days early from his latest job, but Jack's excitement is short lived when he hears the reason why. Click here for the story.

2. Liar -- Jack's home alone again, and feeling restless. A trip to the movies brings him face to face with the ways he has changed since meeting D. Click here for the story.

3.  Date Night -- D accompanies Jack to a party with Jack's hospital colleagues, plays with Legos, and makes a new friend.  Click here for the story.


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